Ahoy! Organization

A couple of weeks ago, I complained about how hard it is to find cute, non-boring pencil cups and my plan to DIY this desk organizer from Anthropologie. Well, my version of that basic desk boat is finished–plus a few bonus details! I’m worried that the semi fores (which spell out Boyfriend’s name, as this was originally … Continue reading

Bits & Pieces: 1canoe2

1. I used to be terrible at browsing through Etsy listings, but lately I seem to be having some luck. Aside from the necessity of search terms with the correct balance of vagueness and specificity (and a bit of patience), the key I’ve found is to choose shops I really like–and then start looking through … Continue reading

Seeing Skylines

Last summer, I planned a somewhat spur-of-the-moment trip to Western Europe. My trip began in Madrid, and crossed Spain, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands before looping back around to end in the Basque–officially belonging to Spain and France (depending where in the region you are), but nonetheless an aggressive defender of its independence from either … Continue reading

Mismatched Socks

My favorite part of Christmas morning has always been rifling through my stocking. The first stocking I remember having Mom embroidered with pictures of festive cats; the next one (which I still use) as also made by Mom, this time hand-knit in red and white lambswool, with a rolled over cuff and a big fluffy tassel attached to … Continue reading

The City by the Bay

Mom and I took Boyfriend to San Francisco today. I’ll share a few of our photos, but what you’ll want to look at more closely is some of my favorite SF-related artwork. The row houses, bridges, cold Pacific waters, and “colorful” residents certainly make for some fun drawings, but it’s fog that I associate with … Continue reading

Craft Friday?

I love shopping–any type, whether for me or for a gift (I often tell my boyfriend that having him has given me the opportunity to enter a brand new world of shopping for menswear). Every season, I claim that the upcoming season is my favorite time to shop: spring clothes are my favorite, until fall … Continue reading

Art You Can’t Eat

I’m not generally a big foodie. While I tend to get excited about certain ice cream flavors, meals aren’t exactly my main concern in life, which is why my Lego set is the highlight of this Thanksgiving. I am, however, a fan of art, and today seemed like an appropriate opportunity to share some of my … Continue reading

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