Mismatched Socks

My favorite part of Christmas morning has always been rifling through my stocking. The first stocking I remember having Mom embroidered with pictures of festive cats; the next one (which I still use) as also made by Mom, this time hand-knit in red and white lambswool, with a rolled over cuff and a big fluffy tassel attached to the loop for hanging. This year, I’m adding a new stocking design to the mix: an eccentrically striped, GIANT blue and green stocking–perfect for holding lots of little surprises and treats.

My giant eclectic stocking was inspired by Anthropologie’s Juliaca Knit Stocking. While I still love the Anthropologie version, I prefer my bigger one-of-a-kind version. Details for making your own can be found at the bottom of this post.

Also pictured are a few of my favorite ideas for filling up this enormous stocking, some perfect for crafty folks and others that are just fun and useful.

1. Ridley’s Flying  Model Plane from Paper Source
2. Tangled Fiber Wire Necklace in Coral from Caposhi Handmade
3. 2012 Letterpress Cityscape Calendar from Albertine Press
4. Textured Felted Wool Mini Bundle from Purl Soho
5. Jade Sapphire 4-Ply Cashmere from Bobbin’s Nest Studio

Depending on who you’re stuffing a stocking for, you could give the Felted Wool Bundles and Jade Sapphire Cashmere as-is, or already made into a luxurious cowl or these cozy hand-warmers featured on the Purl Bee.

5 US size 11 double pointed knitting needles
4 different yarns of varying weights and colors
Cast on 52 stitches; separate stitches so there are 13 stitches on 4 dpns, and knit, joining the round. For the cuff: knit two inches in stockinette stitch. Changing colors and yarns as you like, continue in stockinette stitch until stocking measures 15″ from cast-on edge, or until you reach the desired length. Turn the heel according to your favorite method. Continue knitting the foot in stockinette stitch for 5-6″ before shaping the toe according to your preferred method. For the loop, braid a few strands of yarn together, pull your braid through the fabric near the cuff of your stocking, and join ends in a large knot, and trim the ends to an even length to form a neat tassel. Fill up with goodies for a deserving friend!

3 Responses to “Mismatched Socks”
  1. Love the stocking! Thanks for liking my post.

  2. Knittwittowo says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I saw this stocking in anthropologie in Edinburgh and I totally loved it!!!

    • Kate says:

      Me too (except in California!)! I actually saw the same stocking last year and determined I wanted to replicate it for this Christmas.

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