Bits & Pieces: 1canoe2

1. I used to be terrible at browsing through Etsy listings, but lately I seem to be having some luck. Aside from the necessity of search terms with the correct balance of vagueness and specificity (and a bit of patience), the key I’ve found is to choose shops I really like–and then start looking through their favorites. This has worked particularly well with a handful of shops, my current favorite of which is 1canoe2 Letterpress. Their shop is full of fun and eccentric greeting cards, calendars, posters, and other paper goods; the handful of folksy Western-inspired graphic art especially sparks my imagination.

1. Western Boots Cards Letterpress notecard
2. Outlaws of the Wild West Letterpress Print
3. Well Shoot Cards Letterpress notecards

You can find their blog here.

2. Speaking of folksy and Western-inspired, here’s a few more of my favorite things that would fit right into the Old West or a plunk-y bluegrass song:

1. My vintage cowboy boots from Free People Stetson from Dallas
2. 4th of July by Joe Purdy
3. Firefly season 1–a bit out of place in the Old West, but I think cowboys could relate

3. Have you started working on your Christmas shopping yet? If not I’ve got you covered: I’ll be posting a new project tomorrow, and another new project on Saturday! Have a preview:

I hope you like texture–this project is brimming with it.

4. I love love love Anthology magazine. My dream job would be a writer or editor there, but believe me, I’d be perfectly happy just to bring them coffee.

5. I’ve been posting a lot of prints from Etsy lately, and as much as I love everything I’ve been sharing, I’m beginning to feel like I might need to branch out just a little. Is there anything you’d like to see more of? Yarn? Fabric? Watercolor? Any artists–screenprinters and otherwise–you recommend?

6 Responses to “Bits & Pieces: 1canoe2”
  1. mmgarnes says:

    I adore Firefly! I’m thrilled that you mentioned the show.

    I love all things in mustard yellow, and this gift guide is my favorite. It was posted by an artist followed by an artist, and I couldn’t resist. The craftsmanship of the cocktail ring there is pretty neat.

    • Kate says:

      It’s such a shame that the show only lasted one season, right? I have this song that always reminds me of Firefly (just because it’s got that melancholy western sound).
      And that ring is really cool–I’ve been keeping an eye out for big cocktail rings lately, a sparkly version of that would be nice…

    • mmgarnes says:

      Ooh, neat. Which song? Scanned the post again and couldn’t see if you’d posted a title…

      I love big cocktail rings. I want to pull one off at the hubby’s Christmas party this year. Do you have a favorite color/style? :) I think it’s go bold or go home with them, yes?

    • Kate says:

      The song is actually not from the album I recommended; it’s “Black and Blue” by Gregory Alan Isakov.

      I really love anything with big flowers (which is unusual for me), but also ones that are just a giant colorful gemstone. I agree, no point wearing one unless you want to make a statement :)

    • mmgarnes says:

      Oh, I’m with you. I love big statement pieces at parties. When my teenage cousins compliment, I’m like, wait, good compliment, or like, Teen People “compliment”?

      Neat :) I’ll check out the song!

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