Farewell to 2011

I’ve never gone out on New Year’s Eve, rung in the New Year with friends or a boyfriend, a goal of mine is to always avoid Time’s Square on New Year’s Eve (should be easy as long as I don’t move to NYC), and for the last few years, instead of watching the ball drop … Continue reading

Preparing for Midnight: Hello 2012!

Finished bidding farewell to 2011? (And yes, it’s courteous to do so before greeting 2012–so I recommend reading today’s other post first!) If you’re in the United States, then you still have a little time left to prepare to say hello to 2012 at midnight. My New Year’s Eve prep for this year considers mainly … Continue reading

Confetti Celebrations

Confetti is used in lots of different celebrations–Wikipedia says so. When I searched “confetti” to find out it’s etymology (Italian, by the way) I instead encountered a short but, given that confetti is quite simply small pieces of paper, surprisingly detailed description of the product and its uses. Weddings, sporting events, game shows, graduations, birthday … Continue reading

Tassels & Chains

New Year’s Eve: the perfect excuse to step out in something fun, sparkly, bright, and just a little more wild than usual. This time of year, it’s easy to find apparel that falls into those categories…and to run out of money after all those shopping trips and Christmas gifts. Even if you don’t have the … Continue reading

Get Cozy: Part 2

I’m tired. And just a little out of breath. Apparently, that’s what happens when you try to photograph sixteen blankets in a short period. You really can’t judge me–I’m fit, I exercise everyday, I subscribe to Women’s Health. But taking pictures of sixteen blankets all in one session is exhausting. Every blanket you’ll see below was made … Continue reading

Bits & Pieces: Quill and Fox

1. I think I may have found my favorite Etsy shop yet. Oregon-based illustrators Quill and Fox executed everything about their business perfectly. Their whimsical name, their graphic and just slightly quirky illustrations and typography, their expertly chosen natural and refreshing color palettes, and even their product photos–every part of their store, blog, and lookbook … Continue reading

Get Cozy: Part 1

The day after Christmas always feels a little strange–a mix between flat (though not quite disappointment) and just plain forgetfulness that the holiday has passed. This year I figured out that at least part of my dismay at the close of the Christmas season results from the weather. When cold winds roll in around October … Continue reading

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