Christmas 4 Ways

For the past four or five years, my family has skipped our visit to the Christmas tree lot and opted instead for a live tree. Though there are services which rent trees to people for the holiday season, we own ours (we keep it in the backyard during the indoor evergreen off-season). Thus far, we’ve had two: the first started as a tiny plant from Trader Joe’s and developed into an endearingly awkward little Charlie Brown-style tree with long, prickly needles; the first one died, and last year we got a small Blue Spruce from Orchard Supply Hardware.

This all started when I decided, along with Mom, that I didn’t want to contribute to the death of trees. However, I love Christmas decorations, and look forward to seeing Anthropologie’s new collection every year–I couldn’t bear not to use our collection of ornaments, so a live tree it was. Since today is the first day of December, the time is approaching to break out the red and green garlands and baubles, so I put together four collections of my favorite ornaments and decorations this year. Choose your favorite style, or mix and match. Happy decorating!

Rustic vs. Modern
Do you prefer bristle brush woodland creatures and felted flora or shiny neon orbs and minimalistic cut-outs?

1. Wee Mammoth Ornament from Anthropologie
2. Woodsy Woodpecker Ornament from Terrain
3. Felted Reindeer Ornament from Terrain
4. Vintage Ornament Set from Terrain
5. Snowy Paper Pine Christmas Tree by John Lewis
6. Felted Mistletoe Ornament by Seltzer Studios
7. Victorian Steamship Ornament by Catbird
8. Bristle Brush Fox Ornament from Terrain
9. Woodland Acorn Ornament from Terrain

1. Paper Jewel Christmas Tree by John Lewis
2. Make Figgy Pudding Not War by Bunny With a Tool Belt
3. Tour d’Europe from Supermarket
4. Vintage Wallpaper Ornaments – Forest Set by Ladies & Gentlemen
5. Wooden Silver Geode by Michelle Hartney
6. Lovi Birch Wood Christmas Tree from Horne
7. Printed Pouches Advent Calendar from Terrain
8. Bronze, White, Aqua, and Navy Painted Antler by Amber Perrodin
9. Double Glass Sphere Ornaments from West Elm

Calm & Neutral vs. Color Explosion
Do you like the tranquility and sophistication of natural materials and muted tones, or do you want bursts of brights and bold pastel combos?

1. Shaggy Felt Tree from Anthropologie
2. Looped Wood Trees from Anthropologie
3. Mini Snowflake Ornaments by Timber Green Woods
4. Porcelain Origami Reindeer Ornament by Seltzer Studios
5. Classic Antler Blanket from Terrain
6. Porcelain Wheel and Cog Ornaments from Uncommon Goods
7. Crimped Metal Garland from West Elm
8. Ribbon Ornament by Fleet Objects
9. Nested Advent Calendar from Terrain

1. Matryoska Ornament Set by Thomas Paul from 2Modern
2. Raffia Confetti Garland from Anthropologie
3. Recycled Flowerball Ornaments from CB2
4. Noir Swan Ornament from Jayson Home
5. Advent House Calendar by John Lewis
6. Christmas Tree with Ornaments Wall Decal by Easy Decals
7. Two Trees by Bunny With a Tool Belt
8. Vintage Wallpaper Ornaments – Classic Set by Ladies & Gentlemen
9. Plywood Bird Ornament by Pigeon Toe

If you share my love of Christmas decorations, keep an eye out–I’ll be posting plenty of ideas!


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