Clutching at Ribbons

Many of the projects Mom and I make start out with a trip to Anthropologie. Walking into the store often seems to open up a whole world of, “Hey, I could make that…” In the case of the minimally sized wristlet-style pouch I featured in this post, our DIY instincts came in handy: as chic and artistic as that grosgrain ribbon band and knot detailing were, the $130 price tag for a bag large enough to hold my phone and maybe a few coins was inexplicable. Given that this year I finally had the opportunity to attend a dressy holiday party and thus required an appropriately formal and unobtrusive bag, the affordability gap in the fancy handbag market would’ve been a bit of a problem–if Mom wasn’t a sewing expert and I didn’t have the urge to reproduce everything in sight in knitting.

Which brings us to my gift solution for your favorite fashionista: the pleated and ribboned wristlet. I gravitate towards contrasts in fashion, so I love warm and rustic wool for this project, but if you want a sleeker pouch a high-quality cotton (or silk, if you’re up for a challenge) would be lovely as well. The version of the pleated and ribboned wristlet pictured here is knit in a herringbone stitch, something I highly recommend if you want to add an extra handmade touch. I used Jade Sapphire 4-Ply Cashmere in Ruby Slippers that was leftover from another project and the result was beyond luxurious, but any worsted weight yarn would work beautifully. For full instructions on making your own wristlet, see the end of this post. (By the way, if you want to know a little more about cashmere, check out my recent blog post over at Bobbin’s Nest Studio!)

Given that I’m a style fanatic–and especially love purses–I couldn’t resist this opportunity to share a few of my favorite potentially project inspiring clutches. Those who aren’t fashion-inclined can feel free to scroll right past this section. I’ll bet that tassel is fun to reproduce…

1. Broadway Bow Jada by Kate Spade
2. Hot Streak Clutch from Anthropologie
3. Palimizio Clutch from Anthropologie
4. Dazzle Dot Stevie by Kate Spade

Details for sewing your own Pleated and Ribboned Wristlet

Lining and exterior fabric–1/4 yard of each will do (unless you are knitting your exterior)
1 1/2″ thick grosgrain ribbion
7″ zipper

You will need a piece each of your lining and exterior fabric that is 7 1/2″ wide by 12 1/2″ long. The seam allowance in this project is 1/4″.

1. The exterior

Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to attach to the short side of your exterior fabric (or knit piece–instructions follow). Hand baste the pleats as pictured, and then baste ribbon into place; machine sew ribbon to exterior fabric. Repeat on the other short side of the exterior, and then fold your piece in half so the ribboned edges meet and the right side of the fabric is together. Sew each open side and turn your piece right side out–your exterior is finished. Note: if you are using a knit piece, the sides will need to be hand sewn.

2. The lining

Using your lining fabric, cut a piece of ribbon long enough to attach to the short side of your fabric; do this for both ends. Attach the zipper by sewing it first to the right side of the fabric, and then layering the ribbon on top and sewing everything together (so the zipper is sandwiched between the fabric and ribbon). Do this for both ends. Sew up the sides of the lining with right sides together, slip into the exterior piece, and sew around the top of the ribbons to join the pieces. To make a handle, tie a knot in a new piece of ribbon as shown and attach it to the inside of the bag.

3. Knit version

The dimensions of your knit piece will be the same as listed above: 7 1/2″ by 12 1/2″. The number of stitches necessary will vary depending on the yarn you choose. You will need to cast on for the long side, 12 1/2″.

To do the herringbone stitched used in the pictured wristlet:

k2 tog = knit 2 together
p2 tog = purl 2 together
tbl = through the back loop
*…* = repeat stated number of times or to end of row

1st row: K2 tog tbl dropping only the first loop from the left needle, *k2 tog tbl once again and drop only the first loop off the needle,* k1 tbl
2nd row: P2 tog dropping only the first loop off the left needle, *p2 tog once again dropping only the first loop off the needle,* p1
Repeat until piece is 7 1/2″ and bind off in pattern.

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