Bits & Pieces: Thief and Bandit

1. I love silk. And linen. And wool. All three materials are beautiful–but when it comes to clothing, comfy and casual jersey is my favorite, which is why Thief & Bandit is also one of my new top Etsy picks. Their trendy, urban, hand-printed fabrics–stitched into tanks and leggings, or braided into headbands and bracelets–elevate jersey from the realm of generic t-shirts to statement pieces; plus, I love the edgy name. What’s shown here is just a taste of Thief & Bandit’s selection: they also have a children’s line, and if you (or someone on your holiday gift list) are the sort of person who can pull off bold printed leggings, I highly recommend heading over to their Etsy shop.

1. Hand Printed Infinity Scarf
2. Double Floral Fabric Necklace
3. Racerback Tank Mini Dress
4. Braided Fabric Bracelet
5. Braided Headband
6. Hand Printed String Cuff Bracelet

2. Britex Fabrics in San Francisco is enormous; this is both its best feature and its downfall. While they’re vast selection of countless prints in every color and a variety of weights and materials is daunting, Mom and I braved the four floors of wool, notions, and Liberty of London prints yesterday. Our intentions when we entered the store were to find some fabric to make a present for my friend S., who will be studying abroad in Ireland next semester and thus is in need of a Christmas gift, going-away present, and a warm scarf for those chilly Irish bogs. We walked out with fabric for her scarf, for the scarf I suddenly decided I needed, and a sun dress to be worn during next year’s spring break. I have a bit of a shopping problem…

3. Speaking of that shopping problem, I’ve been having mixed feelings about Anthropologie lately. There’s a certain point every winter at which I can no longer find clothing I like there–but I see more shoes, accessories, and home goods than any one person could ever need. This scarf inspired the aforementioned scarf-envy I experienced at Britex, and I think these mustache earrings are painfully charming. Perhaps it’s the juxtaposition of something so mouth-adjacent with our means of hearing, or just the image of mustaches on a pair of earlobes, but despite my opinion that mustaches are currently overly trendy, these are delightful.

And a few more favorites…

(Clockwise from left)
1. Branch and Bird Play Puzzle
2. Endless Knot Ring Set
3. Umbral Coffee Table

4. Two more holiday projects are coming up this week! Keep an eye out for a cozy and colorful project tomorrow, and the final result and instructions for the mini-calendar I posted about weeks ago. Given how long this calendar idea has been tumbling around in my head, I’m excited to see the results–I hope you are too!

5. Bobbin’s Nest Studio is offering up some beautiful yarns from Alchemy now. The Silken Straw is gorgeous in person–and I haven’t the slightest clue what to do with it. Any suggestions?

One Response to “Bits & Pieces: Thief and Bandit”
  1. mmgarnes says:

    I’m hunting down mustache items for the hubby, and got really excited. Hmm, I wonder if I wear them, if it still counts for Christmas… ;)

    Also I’m with you on the wool. I love the bright colors you chose to show for the textiles.

    I wouldn’t know where to start on the wool. One of my favorite parts of knitting is the unwound ball of yarn.

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