Painted & Wrapped

I have a weakness for scarves. Okay, I have a weakness for lots of apparel–jackets, boots, purses….you get the picture. But I especially have a weakness for scarves; scattered throughout my house there are multiple drawers overflowing with scarves. Knit and woven, handmade and store bought, plaid and floral, you name it I have it. In fact, in the last three weeks I have already featured two scarf projects, and have a third in the works for next week. That said, it’s surprising that I haven’t already featured some of my favorite scarves, and today it’s time to remedy that error.

While I have what some might call an excessive scarf collection, I am surprisingly lacking in silk scarves. Perhaps because I often gravitate to a more urban or eclectic style, I have built up a good selection of bulky knits and bright plaids at the cost of neglecting classic silk, which often has a conservative vibe. What I have come to realize with increasing clarity since last May is that silk scarves are gorgeous. Funny that this enlightenment coincided exactly with my first trip to Paris–and judging by the chic Parisians strolling Montmartre and Le Marais, Paris is the silk scarf capital. Two trips to stylish, romantic Paris this past summer were more than enough to convince me of the appeal of a gauzy, feminine, classic silk scarf. Of course, these trips also imbued me with a desire to return to France, and when I do I plan on looking to Crystal J. Silk and Leah Goren to rectify my silk scarf shortage. Think some of these favorites will help me better fit in with the Parisian women?

Crystal J. Silk Scarves

Silk Scarf with Handpainted Chevron Stripes

Clockwise from top left:
1. Handpainted Silk Gingko Scarf
2. Silk Scarf with Handpainted Diamonds 
3. Silk Scarf with Handpainted Pencil
4. Handpainted Silk Faux Bois Scarf

Leah Goren Scarves (scarves pictured but not listed can be viewed on Leah Goren’s website)

1. Scarf 02
2. Scarf 04

Scarf 05

Of course, even if you have just one scarf you’re not limited: with endless ways to tie that silk square (or rectangle!) you can achieve any look you want, from Parisian chic to bohemian hipster. I encountered a very useful illustrated guide to scarf-tying while browsing the lovely blog LadyWe. Step 1: Memorize tying techniques. Step 2: Order lovely Leah Goren scarves. I can’t wait to start working on that to-do list.

One Response to “Painted & Wrapped”
  1. All of these scarves are beautiful! They are each a work of art!

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