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I mentioned in my post yesterday that dorm rooms aren’t an ideal place to make screen prints. Now for an expansion of that idea: dorm rooms aren’t the ideal place to do any crafts (let’s face it: the only thing a dorm room is ideal for is using Command removable wall hooks). There’s no room for sewing machines; scissors constantly get lost (I found mine a few weeks ago, but they’re once again mysteriously missing); drawing and painting supplies are absent; plus, the floor is layered with clothes that I can’t pick up because the laundry basket is too full. That said, I haven’t made anything at all this weekend–instead, ideas have been swirling in my head, meaning you can expect to see lots of projects over the next two weeks. Hopefully by now you’re much closer to checking everyone off your gift list, but if not there’s still time for handmade presents–and if you are done shopping, I say reward yourself by making your own present! Keep your eyes out for more scarves, more stenciling, maybe even a quick knitting project.

In the meantime, I recommend you join me in browsing through the fantastic and varied works of The Wallpaper Files. As I’ve mentioned before, I enjoy food-related artwork (a little strange, since I’m not really a foodie). They’ve got it. I like dogs too. Check. I’m drawn to quirky, random objects and nautical motifs. Check and check. Bright colors, mid-century inspired patterns, graphic images–when it comes to appealing to any and all tastes, The Wallpaper Files has their bases covered.

Clockwise from top left:
1. Organic Cotton and Hem Tote Bag
2. Fruit with Wallpaper (Orange) Iron-On Transfer
3. Toaster (Open Edition Print)
4. Fruit with Wallpaper (Cherry) Iron-On Transfer

Whisk with Wallpaper

The orange and cherry prints are iron-on transfers, which disappoints me slightly–I’d much rather have a print. Solution: buy a bunch, lay them out similarly to the images on the pineapple tote, cut-out, and frame for instant textile art.

From top:
1. Dog Angel Limited Edition Print
2. Bon Voyage Open Edition Print

From left:
1. Still Life with Stapler (Open Edition Print)
2. Still Life with Drawing Pins (Open Edition Print)

I adore these office supply prints. Often, some of the best modern artwork involves quite simply spotlighting and appreciating the mundane. My favorite of these is the safety pin print; it’s simultaneous simplicity and intricacy bears a strong resemblance to scientific posters that would normally be depicting flora or fauna. However, the stapler and thumb tacks fascinate me in a unique way. If Edward Hopper were to paint the contents of your desk, this is how he would do it–how can a little yellow stapler be so melancholy and comforting? Hats off to the Wallpaper Files on all counts.

Found Objects Pins Limited Edition Print


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