The Next Best Thing…

At the suggestion of Boyfriend, I spent the better part of Saturday afternoon looking online at puppies to adopt. For the last few months, I asked constantly for a puppy for Christmas; whenever he tried to find out what I wanted, I refused to provide any options outside of “puppy.” And it worked…until Mom scrapped the idea, citing the happiness of our cat Charlie, who she thinks would hate sharing attention with a dog but who I think would love a playmate. Now that there’s no longer any reason to look at adoptable puppies, I shifted my attention to–what else?–finding pictures of puppies. Not the ideal exchange, but acceptable until I have my own house–and as soon as that day comes, I’ll be adopting The Doctor (the namesake is, of course, The Doctor of Doctor Who).

Sarah Ana Designs’ collection of dachshund-inspired jewelry is a quirky fashion statement, kept tasteful by minimalist detailing and simple lines.

From top:
1. Dachshund Bangle – Sterling Silver by Sarah Ana Designs
2. Dachshund with Flipped Ear – Brass by Sarah Ana Designs

I may not be snuggling with my own puppy this year, but cuddling up with a pillow depicting a dog is sort of similar…right?

Porcelain Dog Pillow Cover from West Elm

Clockwise from left:
1. Pet Lovers Dog Art Print – Hand Shadows on Wall by Louisest Art
2. Frenchie Mini Print by Shore Society
3. Basset Hound Dog Sculpture by Laleebu Boutique

From left:
1. Modernist Austrian Brass Cat Figurine from Bit of Butter
2. Picasso Cats Tote by Leah Goren

23 Cats Print by Vivienne Strauss

Vivienne Strauss’s prints (based on original watercolors) are by far my favorite pet-based find. I love the charmingly cartoon-ish illustrations, elevated by sophisticated watercolor technique, and of course each piece’s whimsical and descriptive name.

Clockwise from left:
1. He Fancied Himself to Be a Ferocious Jungle Cat Print by Vivienne Strauss
2. Westminster, 1967 Print by Vivienne Strauss
3. Nora Edmonds Takes Her Dogs for a Stroll Print by Vivienne Strauss

4 Responses to “The Next Best Thing…”
  1. sophie says:

    ha ha. I curb my enthusiasm for dogs by looking at google images, or dogs to adopt on trademe. Although I think it only makes me want dogs more. Perhaps not such a good outlet.

  2. thefieldmouse says:

    Awww…I feel your pain. We have 2 cats and we’re afraid a puppy would upset the harmony. Here’s my alternative: They look like they might be purebreds, too!

  3. Thanks for featuring my jewellery! I love the Frenchie print! My cousin has a French Bulldog!

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