Bits & Pieces: Vicinity Studio

1. I found an Etsy shop that, as far as I’m concerned, has been tailored quite specifically to my tastes. Vicinity Studio: specializing in fantastic prints, made to appeal to Kate and people like her. Their bright colors and modern graphic aesthetic alone were enough to draw me like a magnet; add in creative calendars, chevrons, quirky love notes, and a touch of French? My mouth is watering.

1. Hello 2012 Wall Calendar – Black & White
2. “Chevrons on Parade” Print
3. Owl Love Notes

“Allez Allez” Bike Print

2. Yesterday, around 11 pm, I thought to myself, “Hey, I can’t sleep til 2 tomorrow, maybe I’ll go to bed early.” Then I started browsing through the spectacular blog Colossal, and that whole early-to-bed plan went out the window. I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots of Colossal finds over the course of time, but for this post I tried to limit myself to just a few favorites.

Are those shoes functional as shoes? If so, where can I buy them? If not, who can I contact to replicate them in leather?

Don’t these thimble planters look like a fun DIY? Note to self: look into growing moss.

Tea has cozy, sophisticated, beautiful connotations. This poster captures all of them perfectly.

3. I spent most of today in the car with Mom driving from my old college in Southern California to my home in the Bay Area. Since I graduated two years early, my friends are all still in school, giving me good reason to visit often. The semester ends this week, and when that happens Boyfriend will be going home (very very far away) for the holidays, and my friend S. will be jetting off to Ireland to study abroad. It’s all a bit depressing, especially with the whole not having a puppy thing I mentioned yesterday (pleeeease, Mom?). Lucky thing a few (dozen) viewings of Surprised Kitty always lifts my spirits.

6 Responses to “Bits & Pieces: Vicinity Studio”
  1. mmgarnes says:

    Kate- those shoes! Talk about perfection! If they came custom made off any book/print (for instance, a page of a favorite novel…) I’d be over the moon!

    Neat finds over at Colossal too. Sometimes, I feel out of the loop when reading/viewing design blogs, but Colossal reminds me of the SF MOMA’s choice of exhibits.

    • Kate says:

      Aren’t the shoes great? I’d love them with some sort of French printed material.

      And I hadn’t thought about Colossal in relation to the MOMA, but yeah, I definitely see what you mean! I WISH SF MOMA would exhibit those shoes…

    • mmgarnes says:

      Me too! The post on Colossal with Picasso-esque, colorful drawings got me thinking about that.

      Oh my gosh. French print *anything*! :)

  2. My goodness! Your feature of Vicinity Studio is such a sweet surprise.
    Hooray for Kate & people like her!


    Vicinity Studio

    • Kate says:

      Thanks Michelle! I love your work–it’s so cheerful and creative! The Allez print should be an ad for the Tour de France, it’s a nice reminder of summer this time of year.

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