Bits & Pieces: YeeHaw

1. My weekly Bits & Pieces post seems to be slowly morphing into a weekly homage to cowboys, hillbillies, and the Old West. A few weeks ago I featured some of 1canoe2’s outlaw-themed prints, partially as an excuse to show off some of my other Western favorites; this week it’s Tennessee based YeeHaw‘s quirky cowboy-centric letterpress prints. Bright and modern illustrations, often counterbalanced by a touch of redneck style and a clear celebration of the oft-belittled Appalachians, YeeHaw’s offerings are my cup of tea. It’s a little late to buy Christmas cards, but I would seriously consider snapping up some of YeeHaw’s modern options featuring a Santa reminiscent of a ranch hand. 

1. Santa Western Suit and Cowboy Boot Card
2. New West Records Line Up Print

YeeHaw’s prints are tempting even of the Old West doesn’t inspire you; their series of instruments and collection of robot motifs is just the beginning of the vast selection of prints they offer. Another personal favorite is their Jack Daniel’s focused typographic prints: their appealing, bold design has me wondering if I should order one to put up before I go set off some illegal fireworks next 4th of July.

1. Hand-Carved Banjo Print
2. Hand-Carved Fiddle Print

Rush-Hour Robots Print

2. For a long time I thought I didn’t like street art. Look, hipsters, it’s interesting that Banksy is making political statements with his anonymous graffiti and all, but do you have to drop his name into every conversation, book, and blog post? Furthermore, I often find really good chalk art a little creepy–I just don’t like seeing a too-realistic and larger-than-life-sized portrait on the sidewalk. However, yarn-bombing and Street Art Utopia’s images of guerilla art I recently encountered in my web-surfing have me rethinking my take on street art. Wouldn’t it be great to have colored pencils this big? 

3. Remember how I love puppies and Sarah Ana Designs‘ collection of dachshund inspired jewelry? Turns out it’s even cuter in person. Thanks to Sarah for making such lovely work, and thanks to Boyfriend for letting me open my Christmas present a few days early!

4. Remember last week how I said you can never have enough scarves? After indulging my addiction to sewing the infinity loops I showed off in this post, I think I may have been wrong….If you still have a few gifts to figure out though, my infinity loop (or another 3S project) may be the perfect solution–check back tomorrow for a project round-up, plus one more gift idea you could pull together before Christmas (or the last day of Hanukkah).

Happy Hanukkah: Day 1! 

Brooklyn Subway Holiday Cards by Churly

2 Responses to “Bits & Pieces: YeeHaw”
  1. Yay! You got it! I am so happy that you like it!

    • Kate says:

      It’s so adorable! I didn’t think it could possibly be cuter in person but it is–a perfect stand-in for the puppy I couldn’t get :)

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