On the First Day of Winter…

December 22, 2011: the first day of winter (yesterday was the solstice, but technically not until after sunset–so I’m not that late with this post). Those of us celebrating Christmas in a few days have pagan solstice celebrations to thank for our holiday, so today seemed like the perfect time to pay the original winter celebration its due respect. Sit back, look at some artwork, and enjoy knowing that the longest night of the year has already passed!

1. Cute Penguin Holiday Greeting Card by Diskgrunt
2. Unorganized Orchestra by Vivienne Strauss

Let it Snow Winter Greeting Card by Hero Design Studio

1. Winter Sweater Rescue Dog by Royal Mint
2. Frosty Mint Goat by Royal Mint
3. Iluq and Her Arctic Fox by Royal Mint

Winter Fruit Print by Claire Nereim

1. Winter Seasonal Activities Typography Print by Flourish Cafe
2. Lumberjack Cards by Small Adventures

1. Helping Others Art Print by Todd Young
2. Wild and Woolly Race Print by Todd Young
3. Black Dog Ski Company Giclee Print by Native Vermont Studio

Of course, gradually longer days doesn’t mean warm weather just yet. We’ll all still be needing scarves in the coming months. I highly recommend making this two-sided infinity loop your go-to dose of coziness until spring rolls in.

To sew one, just follow the instructions for the original Flowing Infinity Loop, but instead of using a single 18″ wide piece of fabric, first sew together two 9 1/2″ wide pieces along one seam. Now just follow the instructions in the original pattern, and wrap up to fight the cold!

Have a happy winter solstice, and I’ll see you after Christmas!


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