Bits & Pieces: Quill and Fox

1. I think I may have found my favorite Etsy shop yet. Oregon-based illustrators Quill and Fox executed everything about their business perfectly. Their whimsical name, their graphic and just slightly quirky illustrations and typography, their expertly chosen natural and refreshing color palettes, and even their product photos–every part of their store, blog, and lookbook seems to sync together seamlessly in a way that makes me wish they would design every paper good I need for the rest of my life. In fact, I find myself almost hoping for my life to become a picture book illustrated by Quill and Fox. My only complaint is that I want to see more.

1. Terrarium Postcard Set
2. Custom designed stationery (available to view in Quill and Fox’s lookbook)

Stationary available through Quill and Fox’s Etsy shop

Dictionary Hello Card

2. Infographics are awful fun aren’t they? This one is by Column Five.

3. Tassels seem to be everywhere lately, and I definitely approve. The garland below is for sale at Confetti System, but I think there’s a fun DIY in there somewhere.

Tassel Garland

Plus, have a preview of an upcoming tassel project:

4. Looking for a knitting project? Buy this yarn. You won’t regret it–I promise. If you do, I’d be happy to take it off your hands!

Acadia in Maple by The Fibre Company

9 Responses to “Bits & Pieces: Quill and Fox”
  1. I really like the first two photos in particular by Quill and Fox. Love the whole aesthetic! :)

  2. printmatter says:

    Hi there! Love your post! Thanks so much for visiting mine.
    Will definitely be checking in to see what other great things you have!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Yas says:

    Hi Kate! A friend of mine led me to this blog feature–I’m very floored with your kind words! Thank you so much for digging my lil shop. I really appreciate your kind props on even the little details about my branding. A lot of times I learn all the how-to’s in running a biz on the fly, crossing my fingers that the shop come across as calmly legit and people don’t see through the scrambling wife-trepreneur behind it! Hee hee. Thank you for the acknowledgement :)

    • Kate says:

      I’m glad to acknowledge your beautiful work–I really do absolutely love it. Now I’m just waiting until I can find a reason to order some stationary! Darn email and Facebook ruining the need for tangible post.

  4. Papier_Girl says:

    I’m positively enchanted by your blog. Just wanted to say that.

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