Confetti Celebrations

Confetti is used in lots of different celebrations–Wikipedia says so. When I searched “confetti” to find out it’s etymology (Italian, by the way) I instead encountered a short but, given that confetti is quite simply small pieces of paper, surprisingly detailed description of the product and its uses. Weddings, sporting events, game shows, graduations, birthday parties, festivals, carnivals, rallies…apparently confetti is appropriate at most any gathering, although Wikipedia warns that the festive nature of the decoration makes it inappropriate for funerals. Wikipedia recommends using an air-powered cannon to spread small amounts of confetti, and a “venturi air mover” to rain confetti over a larger area. Personally, I recommend humanoid throwing devices–you might know them as “hands.”

Although I’m well aware that finding at confetti at any celebratory event shouldn’t be a surprise, I always associate the tissue-y, colorful, whimsical decorations with New Year’s Eve, making today the perfect time to share some of my favorite confetti-reminiscent artwork. You probably shouldn’t throw any of these (with the exception of the confetti filled postcard), but you can admire their celebratory spirit year-round, and better yet, you don’t have to sweep anything up when the party’s over.

Clockwise from left:
1. Party Lantern Illustration by Funnel Cloud
2. Satsuma Press & Leah Duncan Letterpress Print
3. Fireworks Blank Greeting Card by Gold Teeth Brooklyn

Paris Photo by Chez Jolly

Clockwise from left:
1. Shapes Confetti Postcard by Present and Correct
2. Letterpress Circle Garland by 622 Press
3. The Boys Always Break the Pinata Art Quilt by Alexia Abegg

From left:
1. Sleepy Sun Rock Gig Poster by Strawberry Luna
2. Abstract Art Print – Petaled by Aeropagita Prints

Hot Air Balloon Print by Bonjour Frenchie Art

Clockwise from left:
1. Modern Stripe Bottle Vase by Daulhaus
2. Button Heart Giclee Print in Orange by Dig the Earth
3. Letter to Summer Mixed Media Collage Reproduction Print by Catalina Viejo

4 Responses to “Confetti Celebrations”
  1. Love that Paris print, and those bottles are beautiful!

    • Kate says:

      The Paris print is amazing–I wish there would’ve been confetti when I visited the Eiffel Tower last summer!

  2. love the confetti postcards!

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