Preparing for Midnight: Hello 2012!

Finished bidding farewell to 2011? (And yes, it’s courteous to do so before greeting 2012–so I recommend reading today’s other post first!) If you’re in the United States, then you still have a little time left to prepare to say hello to 2012 at midnight.

My New Year’s Eve prep for this year considers mainly of pulling together some blog posts and deciding whether I’d rather watch How I Met Your Mother or Modern Family tonight (sadly I ran out of new episodes of Sons of Anarchy…watching motorcycle club wars would’ve been such a nice way to ring in the new year)–Boyfriend is on vacation in Sri Lanka with his family and college friends are spread throughout the country, so I’ll be staying in with Mom and Dad. While I may not be attending any events this year, I can still have fun fantasizing–there’s always NYE 2012! With the help of the internet, it was easy to pull together a few things to remind me that 2012 is on it’s way.

1. Tassel Garland – Neutrals by Confetti System
2. Beer Glasses Illustration Card – “Cheers” by Ink Whimsy
3. Champagne, France Travel Poster by J. Hill Design from the Places I’ve Never Been Collection

Quartz Pinata – Silver by Confetti System

1. Ruched Sequin Dress by Armani Exchange
2. Blue Silk Marri Soiree Clutch by AO3 Designs
3. Flyaway T-Straps from Anthropologie
4. Knit Jersey Bracelet – Dark Blue by ohjustjess

Here’s to 2011–it was certainly jam-packed, in the best possible way. I’ll see you in the new year–I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one!

Happy New Year Card by Emily McDowell Draws

3 Responses to “Preparing for Midnight: Hello 2012!”
  1. skooter65 says:

    I like your 2012 logo. The triangles and negative space works well and even the subversive ‘crap’. Does it mean you dont believe in a fresh start?!

    • Kate says:

      Haha, no although I do think it is a funny and lighthearted way to point out that New Year’s is sort of an arbitrary starting-over date–I think fresh starts are there for the taking whenever we decide we want one. Also, this logo was done by Erin McDowell, who has a very fun blog that tracks her illustrations ( I wish I was that good of a designer!

  2. I love the Happy New Year Card for 2012 by Emily McDowell you shared in this post. I can totally relate… haha. Happy 2012!

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