Bits & Pieces: Son of a Sailor

1. Son of a Sailor isn’t exactly a new find. Back in December, I purchased a copper necklace with a tiny brass charm from their booth at the Renegade Handmade Holiday Craft Fair in San Francisco. Long before encountering their even-more-adorable-in-person charms last month, I admired their hand-painted necklaces and leather bracelets on Design*Sponge and … Continue reading

Ship in a Bottle

You know how everywhere you go, there seems to be an abundance of owl motifs? Gnomes became trendy around the same time that owls did. Over the past year, I’ve been noticing snails popping up all over the place. I’ve liked gnomes for years, and owls have the sort of fun, whimsical aesthetic I’m drawn … Continue reading

January Summer

This weekend I’m in Southern California, and it’ 80 degrees. I know I should be a little more worried about global warming and extreme weather condition, but right now I’m just enjoying the sun and spring clothes–I’ll leave climate change troubles up to Al Gore. Whether you’re enjoying delightfully seasonally inappropriate sunshine today or still … Continue reading

Anthology, Paper, Scissors

I finished the sixth issue of Anthology on an airplane this afternoon, and it seems that when the game becomes Anthology, paper, scissors, everyone wins. This season’s focus on handmade homes makes a heartfelt appeal to my love of crafts, so it’s no surprise that number six was my favorite issue to date. An especially interesting … Continue reading

Backwards & Buttoned

I have a slight love-hate relationship with cardigans. You see, I tend to buy a lot of them, and then I tend to feel self-conscious about becoming “that girl who always wears cardigans,” and that’s definitely not me. Despite my adored collection of bright and contemporary sweaters, I often associate cardigans with a traditional, slightly conservative … Continue reading

Bits & Pieces: Loose Petals

1. By now you’ve surely figured out that I have a severe weakness for city and travel themed art, so I doubt anyone reading will be surprised at this week’s Etsy favorite. Chicago-based Loose Petals not only produces graphic, vibrant portraits of American cities, they do so in an eco-friendly manner. Even more bonus points … Continue reading

Bang Bang!

Boyfriend and I spent all weekend watching Sons of Anarchy and got through most of season one. Maybe that’s why I’ve got outlaws on my mind tonight. If you’ve seen the show, you already know that gun running plays a big role in many of the story lines, thus the clear focus on guns today. You may … Continue reading

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