Bits & Pieces: Elevated Press

1. Thank goodness the founders of Elevated Press got married–without their need for wedding invitations, the letterpress printing company might not exist. Nowadays Elevated Press does a variety of custom work, as well as ready-made and equally lovely stationery available on Etsy. I love their color palettes, full of gentle yet vibrant blues and greens, and their whimsical subjects, but Elevated Press seems to have a special knack for incorporating charmingly intricate details into their otherwise modern and graphic illustrations. My fondness for nautical themes makes the ship illustration below a natural pick from their catalog of stationery, but my favorite is the bold, quirky accordion. While in Europe, whenever Boyfriend and I would encounter an accordion player (and this doesn’t just happen in Paris), he would tell me a joke of his dad’s: a true gentleman knows how to play accordion, but doesn’t.

1. Cover sleeve for the Threads of Glass LP
2. Peacock Feather, Rust
3. Letterpress Eye Chart Poster

1. Main Squeeze Letterpress Card
2. Starboard Letterpress Print

2. If you checked 3S on New Year’s Eve, you probably noticed Emily McDowell’s fantastic typographic 2012 greeting card. The card and a handful of other prints are available on Etsy, but even more of Emily’s work can be seen on I Draw Something Everyday, the blog she started as a way to motivate herself to continue creating. You’ve probably figured out by now that I’m a sucker for great color schemes, and I’ve been growing increasingly fond of typography–Emily’s bright and modern work nails both.

3. I came across these gorgeous photos of Dutch tulip fields on Papier Mache World and thought two things: first, next time I go to the Netherlands I’m going during tulip season. Second, those flower fields appear to have been drawn by the giant pencils I featured (via Colossal) a few weeks ago.

4. Lately I’ve been running using intervals, where you run for one or two minutes at near-maximum effort and then slow down for a few minutes before reaching a higher pace again. This exercise method has me thinking: why can’t do winter in intervals? The gloomy weather has me feeling more tired and depressed, and much less creatively-inclined than usual. Wouldn’t it be so much better if we could do half of winter, then get some spring sunshine before finishing up the second half of the cold season? There are so many useless inventions in the world, why haven’t we got something that lets us skip from stormy point A to cheerful and sunny point B in an instant?

1. Storm Catcher Watercolor Print by The Barber Shop
2. You Are My Sunshine Letterpress Postcard by 622 Press


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