Handheld Gardens

A few years ago, Mom and I dug up the lawn in our backyard and replaced it with a vegetable garden, which now provides us with delicious produce year-round. Although it’s easy to maintain the tomatoes and beans growing during the summer months, it’s a lot harder to step into the cold and check up on the broccoli and snow peas in the middle of winter. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve begun to increasingly despise the cold, dry, and overcast weather January brings: I miss sunshine, tank tops, gardens, tomatoes. While there’s not much anyone can do about the tomatoes, I think I may have found the solution to my cold weather gardening apathy: terrariums.

Table Top Forest Terrarium & Miniature Forest Plant Kit by Captain Cat Collective

I truly believe that anyone with any sense at all is fond of terrariums, but while I usually don’t give much thought to the matter, ever since encountering Quill and Fox’s delightful terrarium note cards I’ve been yearning for one. Although my first choice would be a real-life, three-dimensional, magical terrarium that looks exactly like the Quill and Fox illustrations, I’m willing to settle for regular glass jars and plants. Normally I’m not one to easily let go of unrealistic expectations, but the truth is, the miniature, self-contained world that is a terrarium is always going to be somewhat magical. I already found this terrarium how-to on Apartment Therapy, and you can be sure I’ll be keeping my eye out for creative containers and props to make my own–after all, the dose of whimsy provided by some of these lovely terrariums is the perfect medicine for winter-induced nature withdrawal.

1. Terrarium Glass Case Note Card by Quill and Fox
2. Terrarium Print by Satchel and Sage
3. Collector of Worlds Print by Doodle and Hoob

1. Living Terrarium Pendant and Necklace: You Hold the Key to My Heart by Doodle Birdie
2. Tea Pot Terrarium by Moss Terrariums
3. Terrarium Necklace in Rounded Glass Vial by Woodii
4. Hanging Glass Living Moss Terrarium by Tiny Terrains

1. Bulb Terrarium Print by PragyaK
2. Light Bulb Moss and Lichen Terrarium by Moss Terrariums

Set of Four Vintage Thimble Planters with Live Moss by Doodle Birdie

5 Responses to “Handheld Gardens”
  1. Love this post! These little gardens are fantastic! I can’t wait till it is spring in Canada!

    • Kate says:

      Thanks! I suppose there’s a good reason to start some indoor gardening in Canada, winters in California hardly get below sixty at the coldest–we’re wimps.

  2. These are so cute, I love it. I’m definitely going to try and make one of these, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Diane says:

    My husband and I just ditched our couple of terrariums because everything died. These, however, are beautiful. We must try again!

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