Not just a Maccessory (or the neutrally branded and un-boring gadget case)

I’m not a Mac person. I like PCs, Android phones, and Bill Gates. My first laptop was a Mac, and was constantly plagued by the rainbow-spinny-wheel of death, as well as internet connectivity issues and an aggravatingly short battery life–after that, I switched to PCs, and while they may have their issues as well, no rainbow-spinny-wheels or their non-hipster equivalents have ever taunted me while I tried to use my Toshiba. While preferring to avoid Apple products has its benefits, there is one major downfall: the only cute tech accessories are made for iPads, iPhones, Macbooks, and so on. For instance, I bought an Evo Shift Android phone about a year ago, and since then I have never once encountered any sort of case for it that wasn’t plain black or royal blue–yuck. Cell phone accessories are, of course, a bit difficult to DIY, since plastic shells (rather than pocket-like cases) are preferable for phones and inconveniently difficult to produce at home. ¬†Luckily, it’s much easier to design laptop bags and tablet cases with just a sewing machine and some fabric.

1. iPad Case Indigo Blue Bull Leather by Scabby Robot
2. iPad Sleeve – Blue, Red, and Gray Wool Felt by Ambette

13″ Macbook Sleeve – Original Hand-Printed Design on Orange Wool Felt by Ambette

3S’s DIY Tablet Envelope

I managed to find a handful of cute Mac-focused accessories on Etsy, pictured above, and while they’re not brand-neutral, they’re good inspiration. However, I prefer my homemade Tablet Envelope, inspired by a clutch purse from Anthropologie, and easily altered to house gadgets of any dimensions. Use the dimensions found in my instructions, found at the end of this post, for an iPad sized envelope, or measure your own tablet and simply follow directions using your new measurements. Scale up a bit and you’ll find yourself with a fantastic laptop sleeve, or scale way down (probably a bit more difficult) if you want a case for a phone or camera.

Tablet Envelope Details
1/4 yard of exterior fabric (the envelope I made was cut on the bias, and thus uses more fabric–1/4 yard is enough if you are not cutting on the bias)
1/4 yard of lining fabric
Thick cord
Matching thread
Yarn, to make closure
Large grommet
1/4 yard quilt batting

This envelope is 8″ x 10″ and has a 1/2″ seam allowance

1. Cut a 9″ x 21″ rectangle out of your exterior and lining fabrics, and your quilt batting. Cut two pieces out of the exterior fabric to create your flap, which should measure 9″ at the upper edge, 5″ at the bottom edge, and 7 1/2″ from top to bottom edge. You will also need to save a scrap of lining fabric approximately 9″ x 10″.
2. Prepare envelope flap: With right sides together, sew along sides and bottom of the flap, leaving the upper, longer edge open. Turn your piece inside out and press, and add a top stitch 1/4″ from the edge along the three sewn sides. Baste the upper edge closed. Place the grommet in the center of the bottom, short edge (as shown in step 4) using instructions included on grommet packaging.
3. Make envelope piping detail: Place scrap lining on the wrong side of your exterior fabric and sew in a V shape as shown. Place cord between the two layers of fabric along the sewing and, using a zipper foot, sew the lining and exterior fabrics together along the line of the cord to enclose it.

4. Baste quilt batting to the exterior fabric and fold exterior in half with right sides together, then sew the side seams. Turn your piece inside out and press. Attach flap to the back of the pouch so it can fold over and close the bag.

5. Sew the lining as you did the outer, but do not turn the piece inside out. Slip the lining over the outer piece, matching the seams and edges. Sew exterior and lining together at the top edge, leaving a 5″ opening so that you can turn the bag inside out (so the exterior is on the outside of the envelope). Press and hand sew the opening.
6. Make a braid with your yarn and hand sew it to the outside of the envelope to use as a closure.

7. Carry your tablet with you in style!

2 Responses to “Not just a Maccessory (or the neutrally branded and un-boring gadget case)”
  1. This is a great tutorial, and your covers are really great. I know that your aunt really loves hers!

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