Bits & Pieces: Yellow Button Studio

1. For a couple of weeks I’ve been anxiously awaiting the return of Poppytalk Handmade‘s marketplace, so yesterday I was thrilled to find both a redesigned website and a handful of new favorites. Poppytalk Handmade updates their market each month, and for me, encountering the new offerings for the first time is akin to walking into Anthropologie and finding completely updated stock. Unlike Anthropologie however, I can enjoy browsing Poppytalk and Etsy despite the fact I have no money. My top find for this month (until I change my mind, probably in a few hours) has to be Yellow Button Studio. Usually I prefer bolder colors to softer palettes, but I sometimes make exceptions. The St. Paul, Minnesota based illustrator behind Yellow Button Studio seems to have a talent for combining just barely vibrant pastels and mid-tones with color-wheel opposites and pops of black to achieve sweet and whimsical–but not overly childish–prints. The illusion of tissue-papery collage makes each piece even more charming. The deeply colored, almost neutral love-centric typographic prints have to be my favorite of the bunch.

1. Bouquet Print
2. Rainy Day Umbrellas Print
3. MN Love Illustration

1. I Love You to the Moon Print
2. Be in Love Print

2. Remember the DIY tablet envelope I featured last week? Well, Federal Express lost it. Luckily they managed to find the package, delivered to the wrong address, but only after a great deal of trouble on the part of the sender (us) and the accidental receiver. Not that UPS has provided perfect service in the past either, but given FedEx’s recent bad publicity and reluctant helpfulness in this particular situation, I would recommend anyone think twice before sending off handmade items through FedEx–especially if said item is crafted from vintage wool that would be difficult (or impossible) to replace.

3. I’ll be visiting Southern California this weekend–yay! Since I haven’t been for awhile, and since the start of classes means a relaxed homework situation (read: more time to spend with me) for my friends, I’ll be taking a weekend-long hiatus from blogging starting on Friday. Unfortunately the beginning of a new semester at Boyfriend’s college also means a lot of time spent in airports and planes for me. That equates to more time spent with books, magazines, and iPods. My current thoughts on what to do include: finish one of the many books I started reading ages ago; download French lessons and re-learn all the French I forgot over the last few years; browse Cosmo. I’m very open to suggestions, so get commenting!

3. Have you heard that WordPress will be offline tomorrow to protest anti-piracy bills currently in discussion in Congress? A handful of other sites, including Wikipedia and Reddit, will also shut down for twenty-four hours tomorrow to make a statement opposing SOPA and PIPA. If you find yourself missing your favorite WordPress blogs, cute animal pictures, or the ability to look up James Franco’s favorite food with just a few keystrokes and the click of a mouse, I recommend calling or emailing your district’s Representative and voicing your concern over the potential passage of these bills. You can see what Wikipedia has to say on the issue here.


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