Bits & Pieces: Loose Petals

1. By now you’ve surely figured out that I have a severe weakness for city and travel themed art, so I doubt anyone reading will be surprised at this week’s Etsy favorite. Chicago-based Loose Petals not only produces graphic, vibrant portraits of American cities, they do so in an eco-friendly manner. Even more bonus points are awarded for the plethora of prints celebrating San Francisco landmarks and neighborhoods. Loose Petals’ simplified design aesthetic is reminiscent of paper cuts with the added benefit of detailed rowers in the Boston Harbor and palm leaves lining Hawaiian beaches. Add lively, sunny color palettes (which are admittedly somewhat misplaced in foggy San Francisco), and I’m packing my bags for a U.S. road trip.

Boston, Massachusetts Skyline

Clockwise from top left:
1. Los Angeles, California
2. North Side of San Francisco
3. Coit Tower San Francisco, California
4. View of Waikki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii

2. Speaking of San Francisco, check out the very cool guerilla art I encountered at an intersection near the Ferry Building a couple of weeks ago:

3. I know I already gushed over the new Poppytalk Handmade marketplace last week, so hopefully you can forgive my continued obsession. Not only am I thrilled to see they’re looking for contributors (yes, I applied, but regardless of the outcome I’m looking forward to browsing even more content available in the future), I love the additions they’ve made to the marketplace, particularly monthly themes. Share my admiration by flipping through their newly released lookbook.

4. I finished another trompe l’oeil watercolor last week–this is the third one I’ve completed. The first was for a class last year, the second and third more recent creations. I’m considering setting up an Etsy shop offering custom (and likely more generic, non-custom) pieces and am wondering if my readers have any thoughts on the matter.

You’ll notice the greens in the leaves are off (slightly more accurate in person), and an extra barrette I used to cover a mistake I made in the watchband. You may also be wondering why the shadows are different in the painting than the actual set up: my lack of an art studio is to blame. I paint at the dining room table and objects shift daily, and I wasn’t concerned enough about the shadow placement to adjust lighting for perfect recreations every session.

5. I know I haven’t featured a DIY for a while, but trust me, I’ve been working on projects! Aside from the painting mentioned above, Mom and I have a 3mm felt project in the works, plus I’ve been experimenting with Sculpy.

These fox and cat figurines still need a coat of paint–right now they look like ghost totems–but I think they came out charmingly. Especially since I haven’t played with polymer clay since my age was in the single digits.

3 Responses to “Bits & Pieces: Loose Petals”
  1. Katharine says:

    very nice findings here!

  2. I love the watercolor with the chartreuse background and the tarot cards. My mother is a psychic by profession and I collect a bit of mystic related art.

  3. Geographic Designer says:

    Love it!!

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