Ship in a Bottle

You know how everywhere you go, there seems to be an abundance of owl motifs? Gnomes became trendy around the same time that owls did. Over the past year, I’ve been noticing snails popping up all over the place. I’ve liked gnomes for years, and owls have the sort of fun, whimsical aesthetic I’m drawn to, so both of those trends work for me. Snails are a different story. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been terrified of snails, so my distress at their sudden popularity should be understandable. Although I’m well aware that most people aren’t afraid of snails, does anyone really like them? Except for ducks and the French, I doubt it–and even those exceptions exist only among creatures who view snail as food. While not everyone  I know actively avoids all snail-related paraphernalia the way I do, I’m hoping that the majority of people are with me in hoping that the snail trend meets a quick end. Personally, I’m thinking ships in bottles will take its place. Nautical themes abound when spring approaches every year, and I’ll be thrilled the day I see a tiny necklace with a ship-in-a-bottle pendant.

1. Ship in a Bottle Mauve 5″ Painting by Stephanie Cole Design
2. Sailing in a Teacup Illustration by PragyaK
3. Seafarer Ship in a Bottle 2012 Wall Calendar by Earmark

Ship in a Bottle Print by This Paper Ship

1. Ship in a Bottle Handprinted Art Print by Nate Duval
2. Ship in a Bottle by Bonjour Frenchie
3. Ship in a Bottle Raspberry Painting by Stephanie Cole Design

3 Responses to “Ship in a Bottle”
  1. sevenstarsimages says:

    taking up the cudgels for snails
    I am really very astonished to read that you dislike snails that much Katie. I noticed this snail “trend” myself, as much as I noticed the “owl hype” and the foxes “craze”. Yet honestly I know no one who is afraid of snails, on the contrary.
    I would agree if you would have said “rats”. But snails? they are so small and really harming nobody, spreading no diseases, not intruding into the house. .
    I think all those animals popping up in art and being popular are a sign of people getting back to nature on one hand, and then the animals have symbolical meanings. I have been thinking about this phenomenon why this and that animal is suddenly so popular to the masses. Well to my opinion the owl stands for wisdom in general, old wisdom that´s kept as a secret, books etc.-in times where people don´t seem to read any more, and there are no secrets because everything is revealed on the social media, the owl symbolizes the longing for the quite life, consciousnesses, and education.
    And the snail? well the snail stands for the “slow life” in the first place, as opposite to “fast life”, “fast food”, “fast sex” etc. this slowness means quality, simplicity and enjoyment, snails are often seen in logos of slow movements like “slow food” and such. The snail also carries its little house with itself, the house is a spiral, a very ancient symbol, that´s beautiful, so possibly the snail is also a symbol for being safe and such. There are many more meanings in this snail thing for sure. One is that the snail shows up in unimpaired nature, and that`s important nowadays…

    Well this are my thoughts on snails, so far :D …about the ships you might be right as well!

    happy day without snail sighting :)


    • Kate says:

      Haha, I suspected someone might hop in to defend snails! Honestly I think I might like some of the images if my snail-phobia weren’t so deeply ingrained. Everyone is always surprised that I’m afraid of snails, since they’re so slow and harmless. Although apparently they can pick up parasites that eat their brains and cause a zombie effect for a few days (like ants), I read once that this is part of mad cow disease or something similar I think. So maybe snails will be partially responsible for a zombie apocalypse? Part of the problem is stepping on them at night when it’s dark and you can’t see that they’re around–I always feel so guilty/disgusted! I definitely appreciate the thought you put into your defense, I love the idea that it’s a response to “fast life.” Sort of reminds me of how handmade things get popular in response to mass production techniques :)

  2. sevenstarsimages says:

    Katie, that must be a real snail phobia you are having ;) but I understand it, because I have the same disgust with rats. It does not change anything when people are telling me that rats are “smart & cute” . I will stop trying to convince you that snails are harmless and kind :D I also will not send you the link to a beautiful video on youtube with snails making love (snail porn ;) )
    Yes, they stand for “slow life” I guess. I made an illustration on this last year:

    slow down

    have a nice day :)


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