Bits & Pieces: Mr. Lentz and Mr. Valentine

1. Mr. Lentz is so cool. I want Mr. Lentz to be my best friend so he can teach me to be cool, too. According to his website:


A photographer, artist, woodworker, writer, dreamer, thinker, pilot, rabbit breeder, illusionist, spanish speaking surfer, and lover of all things made by people who make things the way they want to make them.

Artist and writer are both job options I’d love to have, plus illusionist is a career path I have briefly and semi-seriously considered–do you provide lessons, Mr. Lentz? More “fun factoids” can be found on Mr. Lentz’s Etsy profile, and while you’re there, I highly recommend browsing the wonderfully whimsical, unique, and simultaneously modern and rustic products he offers. While I’m not entirely sure I could pull off a necklace containing moss or a daisy, these are so charming that it’s difficult to care whether or not I’d look edgy or silly. And that detachable bike radio has me itching to hop over to one of the numerous cycling shops in my area and purchase a reason to collect some bicycle accessories.

1. Wooden Detachable Bike Stereo for Smartphone
2. Wood Pendant Vase Necklace
3. Weathered Wood and Moss Briefcase

1. Handmade Leather Strap Wallet
2. Wood, Moss, and Metal Necklace 337
3. Modern Wood and Moss Wall Hanging Planter 003
4. Wood, Metal, and Moss Ring

2. Communists may not celebrate religious holidays, but love is universal, and apparently so is Valentine’s Day. With a little help from illustrator Ben Kling, here are the world’s past dictators wishing you a happy, romantic, and ironic Valentine’s Day! It’s too hard to choose a favorite, but I think I’m deciding between Mao and Karl Marx…

3. While not quite as clever as totalitarian professions of love, I’m also delighted by match-inspired greetings this Feb. 14. Have you noticed that matches and matchboxes seem to be everywhere lately? Is this new, or am I just out of the loop? In any case, I really want to find a beautiful package of matches…and I suppose I might also need to brainstorm a reason to use them, as my parents have always told me they’re not for playing with.

1. Love Note in a Bottle by Tortoise Loves Donkey
2. Sparks Letterpress Card by Blue Eye Brown Eye
3. DIY Wax Candle Matchstick via Poppytalk

3. I’ll share just one more Valentine, custom made for Boyfriend by me:

4. I know it’s been a while, but new DIY’s are coming soon–I promise!


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