Bits & Pieces: Cake with Giants

1. Usually, I prefer pie to cake. As far as I’m concerned, the best thing about cake is the frosting–usually buttercream (although my favored type is any meringue-based icing). The thing about buttercream frosting is that once it’s refrigerated, it’s no longer soft and silky, allowing you to realize that you’re ingesting large, sugary bites of…butter. Sort of ruins the cake eating experience, doesn’t it? However, I understand why illustrator Amy Borrell decided to call her line of soft and whimsical watercolors Cake with Giants–it sounds so much better than Pie with Sorcerers, plus her preference for gentle pastels and low saturation values certainly brings to mind a nostalgia-inducing layer cake slathered in light pink frosting. Cake with Giants provides illustrations for commercial clients, but you can also purchase some of Amy’s work through her Etsy shop. Oh, and something tells me her fat cat drawing I love so much wouldn’t worry about all that buttercream frosting he’s having with giants.

1. Fat Cat
2. Cats (available on Etsy)
3. Candy Illustration

Drinks Cart

1. How to Set a Table (available on Etsy)
2. Diamond Pattern
3. Sprinkles

Galison Stationery Illustrations

2. I’m generally not a huge fan of the Japanese trinkets and ephemera so many people seem to love. For instance, I don’t really understand the fancy erasers that seem to populate Japanese stationery stores. Recently, though, I gave in and bought a package of washi tape to use in some paintings, and I have to admit I’m impressed. Not only was I able to use it on book pages and leave no sign of damage (the pages were glossy, but still!), as a color lover I was too charmed by the range of fluorescents, pastels, and prints to keep ignoring the enormous fun factor of the vibrant little wheels. Anthology’s blog recently featured MT tape’s expo show in Japan, complete with photos of the bold, cheerful tape striping entire buildings and vans, and Uppercase magazine provided an informative and visually delightful spread on a handful of tape products. I especially love the tape encased bicycle seen next to the van and Mini Cooper–if I had a bike, you can probably guess what I’d be busy doing to it tonight.

{images view Anthology and Uppercase Journal}

3. Have you seen these quilts now available at Anthropologie? With a bright seam binding set against simple white fabric, they’re attractive at just a quick glance–until you find yourself wondering how such a plain quilt could be accompanied by a price tag exceeding $2000. Look closer: each blanket contains a story, quilted in an angular cursive type. While I find the execution a little lacking, as a writer, I can’t help but love the idea.

4. Candy can be so pretty if you’re willing to venture away from the Snickers bars in line at the grocery store. While this piece isn’t as highly detailed as my usual work, I also finished it much faster (an hour or less, compared to the three or more that even a very small trompe l’oeil painting takes), and I had fun painting the little fondant candies from Miette. Expect to see additional installations in the candy series soon!

One Response to “Bits & Pieces: Cake with Giants”
  1. Rochelle says:

    I should have known from the title that I would crave sweets after reading your post. I just couldn’t resist Fat Cat. I had to know why this awesome image existed. Thanks for sharing!

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