Bits & Pieces: Yours, Roxanne

1. Illustrator and graphic designer Roxanne Daner of Etsy shop Yours, Roxanne likes dogs, which means I like her. Even better, she paints whimsical gouache images of dogs that are subtly colorful and lightheartedly sophisticated. Just so you don’t get the wrong impression, I’ll note that Roxanne draws and paints other things just as well as dogs–but considering my dog obsession (and the fact that it’s getting rather out of hand), don’t expect me to notice too many non-dog images! I melt for the print of the man and dog wearing bandannas–it appeals perfectly to the part of me that adores barns and revolvers and would probably do pretty well living in Texas.

{Links provided only for prints available for purchase or download. All other images can be viewed on the Yours, Roxanne blog}

Hello Print

Desktop Wallpaper (top) available through The Fox Is Black

2. Wayfare Magazine was all over design and lifestyle blogs last week. I was thrilled to discover yet another alternative, beautifully styled magazine. Does Wayfare top previous finds Anthology and  Uppercase? Not exactly, but mainly because I prefer that my two favorites cover a wide range of travel, lifestyle, art, and design, whereas Wayfare focuses exclusively on travel. Wayfare‘s pilot issue is available online here, but in the future will be exclusively for iPad–which I don’t own. Unfair? Definitely. I blame Mac-obsessed hipsters–in fact, I hope they break their Buddy Holly glasses before they get a chance to read all the issues I won’t be able to see.

3. Despite the sizable vegetable garden I help Mom with every summer, I know very well I would never survive farm life: I get terrible allergies, hate getting messy, and don’t particularly like working outside. Of course, that doesn’t stop Julia Rotham’s Farm Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of Country Life from completely charming me. Packed with colorful doodles of veggies and facts about livestock, plus a few tips on country cooking and barn building, the illustrated guide to rural living is the perfect picture book for grown-ups.

4. I’m changing my posting schedule–again! (Hold your eye roll please.) Starting next week, “Bits & Pieces” will move to Wednesdays, and other new posts can be found regularly on Mondays and Fridays. Tuesday & Thursday posts will happen occasionally too. Worried you’ll forget to check up and miss a non-regular post? I recommend following 3S if you’re not already–if you’re a WordPress member the site will update your list of new blogs, and if you don’t belong to WordPress you’ll automatically receive an email notifying you of new posts.

(Yes, that’s more Roxanne Daner!)

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