Open Letter to Winter

Dear Winter, I regret to inform you that, despite your insistence on stormy weather and temperatures below 60 degrees, the three months during which you are allowed prominence ended well over a week ago. While your rain clouds and the cozy days at home they encourage were appreciated in December, your presence is no longer … Continue reading

Bits & Pieces: Vassi Slavova

1. Bicycles are always fun, but something about approaching spring always draws me to pastel cruisers and bright townies more than usual. Milwaukee based illustrator Vassi Slavova‘s retro inspired posters perfectly capture the spring and summer elements cycling holds for me–the Bike Chick poster shown below seems especially appropriate for the first days of spring, … Continue reading

Almost April Showers

Yesterday was the first day in nearly three weeks that I’ve been home and was thus a sans-blogging Monday. Although I’m never excited to leave Southern California, I am glad to be back to a house well stocked with blankets. Remember the spring weather I was talking about last week–the subtly sunshiny days I didn’t … Continue reading

Cream Soda

On past Fridays I’ve often shared a variety of cocktail-themed artwork to celebrate the arrival of the weekend. This week, I’m changing things up a little and providing an actual cocktail suggestion. This drink was inspired by the Italian cream sodas served up at my college’s student run coffee house–one of the best drinks they … Continue reading

Bits & Pieces: Tutti Confetti

1. Spanish illustrator Marta, the mind behind Tutti Confetti, writes a blog on which you can find short and humorous back stories and scraps of detail about each of her quirky works, but for me only one thing really comes to mind when I gaze at her pieces of visual storytelling: hipster art. The vaguely … Continue reading

Spring Equinox

People always want what they can’t have, and once they get it, they want something else. This truism usually pops up for me when I mention to any man that I wish I had more texture in my naturally silky smooth and stick straight hair. Of course, Boyfriend and other guys are aware that many … Continue reading

March/April Inspiration

For the last few months, every blog I read seems to have done at least one post raving about Pinterest. I admit, I didn’t quite understand the hype. While the concept of a digital bulletin board is interesting, browsing through other people’s pins is less than exciting, and quite frankly I found that the website … Continue reading

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