It seems that Southern California didn’t get the memo about April showers bringing May flowers. In Claremont, where pink and yellow blooms are popping up on rose bushes and cacti alike, the plants are just a little impatient for spring, making for a dreamy Friday full of gentle sunshine, flower-picking, and mild bouts of sneezing. … Continue reading

Bits & Pieces: Jessica Hogarth

1. Last Saturday, it was 90 degrees in some parts of the Bay Area–not too shabby for mid-April. With summer weather apparently impatient to make an appearance, Jessica Hogarth‘s seaside inspired illustrations seem just right for anyone yearning for a day at the beach. Her vibrant yellow sand, red-trimmed row boats, and charming cottages look … Continue reading


I’m not much of a movie person (I prefer television by a mile), so referring to a movie as one of my favorites holds quite a lot of meaning for me–after all, I don’t particularly like most movies I see, but the few that I enjoy will be re-watched endlessly for many years. That said, … Continue reading


While contemplating blog post options for today, I realized it’s been a while since I’ve featured Friday cocktails. I promptly got on Pinterst, and after a short time spent browsing booze-themed boards I realized, Pinterest has a very high population of jelly shot pins. I thought Pinterest users were mainly women planning their dream weddings; … Continue reading

Bits & Pieces: Kari Herer Photography

1. Let’s talk a little more about Kari Herer, shall we? While I already featured her hybrid illustration-photographic pieces in yesterday’s post, the floral-ink combinations I chose to show yesterday only scratch the surface of her enchanting photography. Usually, I’m not a fan of floral arrangements–they’re fussy, with an ornateness that doesn’t fit into my … Continue reading


My major in college was officially titled “Humanities: Studies in Interdisciplinary Culture,” a fancy way of saying my department specialized in not quite being able to choose a single category to study. Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to the spectacularly eclectic intersections of photography, floral art, and illustration I’ve been seeing lately. Kari Herer’s flower … Continue reading

Rainy April

I’m at my old college this weekend, and it’s pouring rain. Unfortunately, Scripps and the surrounding areas weren’t designed with optimal drainage in mind–that’s one of the main courtyards above, and I think you can see what I mean when I say rubber boots would be necessary in any crossing attempts. It’s a good time … Continue reading

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