Bits & Pieces: Drywell

1. I’ve been a vegetarian since middle school and convincing me to look at anything too obviously associated with dead, formerly fluffy animals is not exactly an easy task, so you know if I’m browsing an Etsy shop called “Drywell: Quality Meat Art,” it must be offering some pretty damn quality meat art. Like a good salmon filet or pepperoni pizza, the bold silhouettes, vivid colors, and sarcastic humor gracing Alyson Thomas’s butcher-inspired prints and posters are just too tempting for me to resist. Even better, the San Francisco-based illustrator now offers a handful of similarly-styled but conveniently non-meat-related sketches and diagrams for those of us who just feel too guilty looking at the butchering chart superimposed over that sweet cow.

For the vegetarians…

1. Mimosa Cocktail Art Print
2. Cupcake Meat Print
3. Inside an Americano Print

For the carnivores…

1. Grind Your Own Print
2. Detailed Chicken Butcher Diagram
3. Puppy Belly…the Forbidden Meat Print

2. Remember how my Monday post was delayed due to sewing? The sewing is done! Take a look:

I gathered together the necessary materials for the Purl Bee’s lap duvet project over a month ago, but only this week got around to actually making it. While browsing fabrics at Britex, I fell in love with the watercolor-resembling dots that Purl also used on their lap duvet, but since I’m not a small child I was in need of something slightly more sophisticated for my contrasting fabric–enter soft, black denim.

The full instructions for this project can be found here, but I made a few changes on my own duvet. Most obviously, I arranged my fabrics so both pieces were visible on both sides of the duvet, instead of having one front and one back piece. To achieve this look, all you have to do is match up the edges of your two fabrics with right sides facing each other, and sew up both the long sides so that you have a large tube of fabric. Then offset the seams you made so that they fall closer to the center of the blanket, instead of on the sides–from there proceed according to Purl’s instructions. If you’re going to make your own lap duvet, it’s important to sew nice, long bar stitches to create the luxurious, comfy tufting–1/2″ at least, or the stitches will not lock in place and will promptly begin to fall out. Unless you’re a truly terrible hand sewer, I would also recommend foregoing machine sewing the tufting and just use an old fashioned needle and thread.

3. Maybe it’s because my 21st birthday is next month, or maybe approaching spring weather just has me feeling celebratory, but lately I’ve been drawn to all things party-appropriate: balloons, confetti, streamers and garlands….If I didn’t have such a bad shoe addiction there would certainly be a shopping spree at Confetti System and Bonbon Balloons in my future.

{Images via Bonbon Balloons, Confetti System, & Pinterest}

2 Responses to “Bits & Pieces: Drywell”
  1. Loving the balloons, thanks for the share!

  2. Thanks for the sweet words about Drywell! Love meeting open-minded vegetarians like you. :)

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