Summer Vacation

The summer solstice remains weeks away, but as far as many people are concerned, it’s summer. Memorial Day (in my opinion the most relaxing of the patriotic holidays–all the fun of a day off with none of the July 4 pressure) marks the unofficial beginning of sunny, chlorine-scented days separated by short, warm nights. What … Continue reading

Summer Wraps

I should really just switch my Monday-scheduled posts to Tuesday, shouldn’t I? Then you readers wouldn’t have to listen to me explain my blogging tardiness every week. Try and bear with me a little longer? Let’s see if I can’t pull together my case of the Mondays over the next couple of weeks, and then start thinking … Continue reading

Bits & Pieces: Drywell

1. I’ve been a vegetarian since middle school and convincing me to look at anything too obviously associated with dead, formerly fluffy animals is not exactly an easy task, so you know if I’m browsing an Etsy shop called “Drywell: Quality Meat Art,” it must be offering some pretty damn quality meat art. Like a … Continue reading

Triple Digits

Last week was a rather eventful one for 3S: not only did we reach our 200th follower, you got to read our 100th post! (Plus our 101st one, too.) A countdown of the ten best posts out of the last hundred seemed an appropriate way to welcome Spin Sew Sketch into the world of triple … Continue reading


There has been a slight delay with this Monday’s blog due to sewing projects and general laziness; the scheduled post will now depart my draft box on Tuesday, April 3. In the meantime, have you seen Anthropologie’s new Made in Kind collection? Tacking “limited edition” onto any clothing line really is a piece of marketing … Continue reading


I’ve spent the last couple of Tuesdays promising that there will be new DIYs soon–that I honestly didn’t forget about that camera case design I was offering as an alternative to the 3mm felt camera bag and I would get around to publishing the pattern and instructions really, really soon. Guess what? I wasn’t lying! Pull … Continue reading

Felt & Photos

Since high school, I’ve had the same white Sony Cybershot. It was a great little camera: about the size of my current cell phone so it easily fit into my pocket, fairly good quality considering when I bought it, and far more reliable than any other point and shoots I had ever tried out–in fact, … Continue reading

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