Dog Stalking @ Striped Cat Studio

Did you see my great new column over at Striped Cat Studio? It’s all about art and dogs–check out the image below and then head over to my new blog, Striped Cat Studio, to see the full painting & post! Like Dog Stalking or other 3S content? Remember to follow Striped Cat Studio, where all … Continue reading

Summer Vacation

The summer solstice remains weeks away, but as far as many people are concerned, it’s summer. Memorial Day (in my opinion the most relaxing of the patriotic holidays–all the fun of a day off with none of the July 4 pressure) marks the unofficial beginning of sunny, chlorine-scented days separated by short, warm nights. What … Continue reading

Bits & Pieces: Jolly Edition

1. Cat and dog illustrations, lively pastel hues, and whimsical painterly brushstrokes: Jolly Edition is undoubtedly a new favorite illustrator. While colorful luggage and minty green vespas may bring a smile to my face, greyhounds in coats and dachshunds going for brisk morning walks are by far the mostĀ irresistible of Jolly Edition’s playful offerings. 1. … Continue reading


My major in college was officially titled “Humanities: Studies in Interdisciplinary Culture,” a fancy way of saying my department specialized in not quite being able to choose a single category to study. Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to the spectacularly eclectic intersections of photography, floral art, and illustration I’ve been seeing lately. Kari Herer’s flower … Continue reading

Triple Digits

Last week was a rather eventful one for 3S: not only did we reach our 200th follower, you got to read our 100th post! (Plus our 101st one, too.) A countdown of the ten best posts out of the last hundred seemed an appropriate way to welcome Spin Sew Sketch into the world of triple … Continue reading

Almost April Showers

Yesterday was the first day in nearly three weeks that I’ve been home and was thus a sans-blogging Monday. Although I’m never excited to leave Southern California, I am glad to be back to a house well stocked with blankets. Remember the spring weather I was talking about last week–the subtly sunshiny days I didn’t … Continue reading

Spring Equinox

People always want what they can’t have, and once they get it, they want something else. This truism usually pops up for me when I mention to any man that I wish I had more texture in my naturally silky smooth and stick straight hair. Of course, Boyfriend and other guys are aware that many … Continue reading

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