Dog Stalking @ Striped Cat Studio

Did you see my great new column over at Striped Cat Studio? It’s all about art and dogs–check out the image below and then head over to my new blog, Striped Cat Studio, to see the full painting & post! Like Dog Stalking or other 3S content? Remember to follow Striped Cat Studio, where all … Continue reading

Obedience School (excerpt!)

Anyone who knows me is well aware of my dog obsession–one which the phrase “crazy dog lady” doesn’t even begin to describe. Live dogs aren’t my only passion: I’m also a dog motif enthusiast, and as a child would only wear clothing that depicted dogs (although I also found cats acceptable). Unsurprising, then, that I’ve … Continue reading

Bits & Pieces: Kari Herer Photography

1. Let’s talk a little more about Kari Herer, shall we? While I already featured her hybrid illustration-photographic pieces in yesterday’s post, the floral-ink combinations I chose to show yesterday only scratch the surface of her enchanting photography. Usually, I’m not a fan of floral arrangements–they’re fussy, with an ornateness that doesn’t fit into my … Continue reading

Bits & Pieces: Blancucha

1. I went to Paris twice last summer. Now, instead of appreciating how privileged I am to visit Europe twice in the span of three months, I’m going to complain: I miss Paris. Luckily, the plethora of French-themed prints by Blancucha provides a (temporary) remedy to my wanderlust. Blanca Gomez, the illustrator behind the charmingly … Continue reading

The Next Best Thing…

At the suggestion of Boyfriend, I spent the better part of Saturday afternoon looking online at puppies to adopt. For the last few months, I asked constantly for a puppy for Christmas; whenever he tried to find out what I wanted, I refused to provide any options outside of “puppy.” And it worked…until Mom scrapped … Continue reading

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