Find me at Striped Cat Studio!

QUICK UPDATE: Since publishing this post I’ve received far more likes and follows on 3S than I expected, having been absent for so long! If you like this post, have enjoyed 3S’s content, or just discovered 3S, please follow Striped Cat Studio–all new posts will be located there, and 3S will no longer have new content. … Continue reading

Where have I been?

Keeping busy–it’s been officially summer for almost a week now, and with Fourth of July approaching things show no sign of slowing down! Instead of leaping right back into blogging after my recently (very) sporadic appearances, I decided it would be best to give you a quick update on the future of Spin Sew Sketch. … Continue reading

Bits & Pieces: Pigeon Toe Ceramics

1. After spending five hours a day, four days a week in a rather intensive wheel throwing ceramics class two summers ago, my mind will forever link pottery with the summer months. That association has only been amplified after seeing Pigeon Toe Ceramics‘ fresh, minimalistic, bright white planters and tumblers. Soft curves and dimples add … Continue reading

Pack a beach bag…

It’s finally summertime, and I’m ready to jump in the car and head to the coast…but for the first time in a while, I’ll be staying close to home for a while. Any ocean side vacations I take in the near feature will be to my imaginary beach: the one with soft sand, plenty of … Continue reading

Bits & Pieces: Pop Chart Lab

1. You may not wear skinny jeans or Buddy Holly glasses (sans working lenses, of course), but even if you merely toe the hipster line, chances are you’ve seen the work of Brooklyn-based graphic design house Pop Chart Lab. Founders Ben Gibson and Patrick Mulligan have seemingly perfected the art of the infographic, while seamlessly … Continue reading

May Flowers

Freshly cut  peonies, tender summer veggies, Parisian streets flooded with pink light, and pale green succulents–none of these things are really associated with the month of May. After all, peonies are a wintery bloom, vegetable seeds have only begun to germinate, June and July are the real height of the travel season, and cacti are associated more … Continue reading


I don’t know how to crochet. It doesn’t really sound like such a big deal–plenty of people have never picked up a strand of un-worked yarn and turned it into something useful. Of course, when you consider that I’ve been using knitting needles since toddler-hood, my lack of skills with a crochet hook sound almost … Continue reading

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